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Cypress does not support cross-domain tests.. Yes & true, But.. there is a work-around! :)

You are reading this because, you have already heard that Cypress does not support cross-domain testing within a single test. Yes it is true and mentioned here in Cypress Docs too.

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Visual testing: obstacle that every tester had so far..

It’s a common obstacle that every tester has, to check the UI manually. The tester must have a keen eye, in order to point out the tiny alignment changes of the front-end web elements. And it’s a test case that misses…

Continuous Integration with Azure build pipeline for Cypress automation testing!

Hello every one, by now I hope all who you are reading this know about Cypress test automation and how cool it is! Yet you might be thinking how can I integrate this automation on Azure DevOps. Oh! I forgot…

S Chathuranga Jayasinghe

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